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I’m Jeremy Lent, an author and founder of the nonprofit Liology Institute. I’m passionate about doing my part to make a difference in humanity’s future trajectory. I’ve come to believe that our global society needs a transformational shift in our underlying values if we want a sustainable and flourishing future for the human race.

_PHS0284My current book, The Patterning Instinct: A Cultural History of Humanity’s Future, (Prometheus Books, May 2017), is based on a simple but compelling theme – culture shapes values, and those values shape history.

The book identifies the root metaphors that cultures have used to construct meaning into their universe – from hunter-gatherer times to our current precarious civilization – and traces how these have affected the course of history. Taking the reader on an archaeology of the mind, it reveals the hidden layers of values that form today’s cultural norms and asks: how can we shape humanity’s destiny by consciously forging our own structures of meaning into our lives?

The Liology Institute, of which I’m president, is dedicated to fostering a worldview that could enable humanity to thrive sustainably on the earth. Liology offers the experience of living life in an integrated, embodied and connected manner. Instead of the conventional search for a transcendent source of meaning, liology finds the most profound meaning in life arising from our intrinsic connectedness with every cell and integrated system within our own bodies and with every living entity in the natural world in which we are embedded. Liology sees humanity as a fractal entity within the natural system of the earth.

My novel, Requiem of the Human Soul, was published by independent publisher Libros Libertad in 2009. Set in the late 22nd century, it explores a world where most people are genetically enhanced d-humans, and the unimproved humans, Primals, are the global underclass. The UN is holding a hearing about implementing a “Proposed Extinction of the Primal Species.” It’s a hearing like no other. Our human race is on trial. Our own sordid history – the devastation we’ve caused to indigenous cultures around the world, the destruction of our environment and of other species – becomes evidence in the case against our continued existence.

Years ago, in what seems like another life, I was founder and CEO of an internet company. Now, I’m living happily in the San Francisco Bay Area with my amazing wife, Lisa Ferguson. Together, we’re trying to do our bit to make the world a better place.

Contact me at: jeremy@liology.org

12 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Jeremy,
    I appreciated reading your piece” We need an ecological civilization before it’s too late”. We discussed the paper yesterday in a group called science & spirituality, and I found your thinking in this paper in alignment with the key teachings of my institute for evolutionary leadership. I am co-founder of the institute here in Oakland, I invite you to have coffee/tea and a good conversation. Thank you for your paper, I agree that we need to evolve to another epoch, all the best Manuel Manga

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  2. I’d like very much to read it but I’d like to know if there will be paperback format soon. This size of book is problematic for me. Thank you for your answer.

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  3. Dear Jeremy:

    We are promoting the following projects in India.

    1. EcoCovenant Fellowships and Congregations
    2. Solar Stoves (Ovens) for India [in rural and tribal regions]
    3. The Meghalayan Congress – an All-India Conference on Sustainable Environment
    4. EcoCovenant Academy

    We need your help in advancing these programs/projects in India.

    Anand Veeraraj, PhD
    EcoCovenant Fellowship International
    Author of “Green History of Religion”


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