Credit Suisse: Be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

Every Fall, the Credit Suisse Research Institute invites selected experts to present to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Urs Rohner, & other senior executives on current events.

Last November, they asked me to participate. I gave them this presentation on the climate and ecological emergency, urging Urs Rohner to immediately divest from all fossil fuel financing, and introduced the concept of an Ecological Civilization as a sustainable path for humanity, suggesting Credit Suisse explores becoming a Benefit Corporation, optimizing for multiple constituencies, rather than solely for shareholders.

My primary message was that Credit Suisse has the opportunity to choose to become part of the solution to our civilizational crisis, not the problem.

Will Urs Rohner take up the challenge and respond in 2021?

One thought on “Credit Suisse: Be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

  1. In many countries this has to start in the legislative branch. Changing a company to a Benefit corporation may be against the law:

    * It is the job of the Directors to maximize the profits of the Shareholders.

    * Moving to a Benefit Corporation would decrease shareholder profits, and therefore shareholders could bring civil suit against the directors for failing their duty.

    * Even at present, corporate donations to charities and to political parties have to be justified as enhancing public image, and trying to get favorable legislation.

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